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Joe’s Garage Gym ‘Holiday Pudding Blasting Workout!’

As we gear up for another festive season, gym members are going away and taking a break, I often get asked, “What can I do to stay fit over xmas if away from the gym?”    “How can I train quickly and effectively?” and, “What pieces of equipment will give me the most bang for my buck?”I’d say, the best two pieces of equipment that offer a total body workout are:
1. The Kettle Bell
2. Power RingsTRX or any other suspension device.
Put these two together and you have the perfect take anywhere gym!!
So let me share with you a short but intense Kettle Bell and TRX workout that you can do virtually anywhere. First, tie the TRX off around a pole, tree or any other stable surface. Use a Kettle bell that feels taxing but you can ensure good form. Males – Novice 12-16Kg Intermediate 20-24Kg, Advanced 32Kg. Females; Novice-8 Kg, Intermediate-12Kg, Advanced-16Kg.
Either purchase these items or ask Joe or Simon to hire one for free over the Xmas period. (offer exclusive to garage members only)
30 KB Swings 30 Push ups
20 KB Swings 20 Push ups
15 KB Swings 15 Push ups
10 KB Swings 10 Push ups
Run 400m (or if you are not somewhere you can run do 20 Double unders with a skipping rope or 60 skips)
30 Squats 30 Power ring/TRX Supine Row
20 Squats 20 Power ring/TRX Supine Row
15 Squats 15 Power ring/TRX Supine Row
10 Squats 10 Power ring/TRX Supine Row
Run 400m (or if you are not somewhere you can run do 20 Double unders with a skipping rope or 60 skips)

The Technique

Kettle Bell Swing Instructions
Preparation –

Straddle kettlebell with feet slightly wider apart than shoulder width. Squat down with arms extended downward between legs and grasp kettlebell handle with both hands with an overhand grip. Position shoulders over kettlebell with taught low back and the chest firmly driven upwards.

Stand snapping the hips into extension, driving the bell up

Execution –Pick the kettlebell up and off the floor by standing up. Immediately squat down slightly and swing kettlebell back under hips. Quickly swing kettlebell up by raising upper body upright and extending legs, “snapping” the hips forward.

bottom position core locked hard, breath is held. momentum takes bell to between legs, snap the hips into extension again, driving bell up

Continue to swing kettlebell back down between legs and up higher on each swing until height just above head can be mantained.

Do not count your swings until they are level with your head

Comments – To return the kettlebell to the floor: Swing kettlebell back down between legs. Allow kettlebell to swing forward but do not extend hips and knees (as would be required to continue the swing). Slow kettlebell’s swing and place on floor between feet in original deadlift posture.
Push Ups Instructions
Preparation –Lie prone on floor with hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Raise body up off floor by extend arms with body straight. Partner can place weight plate(s) on back if needed.

Set up: Hands directly below shoulders, core tight, very slight break at the hips

Execution – Keeping body straight, lower body to floor by bending arms. Push body up until arms are extended. Repeat.

Bottom position, chest is touching the ground

Comments –Both upper and lower body must be keep straight throughout movement.

Knees Set up: Slight break at hips, core tight, hands below shoulders, body goes down evenly

Suspended Supine Row Instructions

Preparation –Lay on back under rings or TRX. Grasp handles with a Neutral grip.

Set up: Knees and hips and elbows in extension, brace core

Execution – Keeping body straight, pull body up to handles. Return until arms are extended and shoulders are stretched forward. Repeat.

Squeezing through the back and pulling yourself towards the handles/rings, keeping hands semi-supinated

Comments – Handles should be just high enough to allow arm to fully extend. Also known as Body Row Squats Instructions
Squat Instructions
Preparation – Stand with arms hanging down.

Stand feet apart, toes pointed out, hands at side

Execution – Squat down by bending knees forward while allowing hips to bend back behind, keeping back straight and knees pointed same direction as feet. Descend until thighs are just past parallel to floor. Arms are raised as you squat down. Squat up by extending knees and hips until legs are straight.Arms drop back down to the hang. Return and repeat.

As you lower raise your hands. Aim for hip to be just lower than the knee

Comments – Keep head facing forward, back straight, chest high, and feet flat on surface; equal distribution of weight through forefoot and heel. Toes pointed out. Knees should point same direction as feet throughout movement. Arms moving upward on the downward movement allows for more neutral spine

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