Sir Chris Bonington – Business and Motivational Presentations

Chris Bonington is one of the most successful expedition leaders in the history of mountaineering and has established a reputation as an outstanding motivational speaker. He uses the superbly illustrated story of his two major expeditions to Everest as a case study that is linked and tailored to the needs of the client. He has spoken to companies and organisations around the world and is a visiting lecturer at Cranfield School of Management.
Sir Chris Bonington will be available in Australia in the New Year from mid January until mid February most years. If you would like to hear Sir Chris speak or have him present at your conference please contact Joe on 02 9400 2561 or email You can also visit his website

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  • Major G W Stephen Brodsky, CD, DPhil
    Posted at 13:35h, 15 April Reply

    Good day, Joe. Recently a friend’s visit to The Old Man of Hoy, first climbed by Chris in 1968 (?) prompted a memory of Chris a decade later, which may amuse him, if you can fwd it to him. He may recall our meeting at Skardu in Baltistan in 1978, when he was recruiting porters for a go at (I think) Everest’s west face. He and his team were in jeans and adidas in a stone hut, sorting out their gear. I was a UN peacekeeper (Major, Canadian Army), living with a Danish colleague on a UN field station there. From Skardu we would trek up to the Soltoro Glacier’s Chuar Ridge, a modest 19,200 ft. to check Pak Northern Light Infantry forward picquets. We dropped in on Chris’s team, and my Danish companion – a communications specialist – helped one of the team figure out how to operate a field radio that had just arrived with other equipment. Having some acquaintanceship with climbing from the US Army Ranger Course in Georgia’s Blue Mountains, I had been CFOCS’s Mountain Combat Techniques Officer; so I foolishly commented, “I’ve done a bit of your business.” Chris (or one of the team) replied, “Which peaks?” The couple I’d done, Cheam, Slesse, etc, near Chilliwack BC, were so puny, I was ashamed even to name them. Chris may recall that visit by two grotesque blue-bereted characters 45 years ago. For bone fides enter online Wikipedia, G. W. Stephen Brodsky, and/or email (No reply necessary, unless so inclined.)

  • Joe B
    Posted at 08:51h, 08 August Reply

    Hi Stephen, sorry I missed this comment. I hope I find you well. I’ve passed your message on to Dad. Thank you for getting in touch.
    Yes 66 was Dad’s first ascent of the old man of Hoy (and was the first ascent) they then climbed it again the following year in 67 and made history as the BBC used it to do their first-ever proper live outdoor broadcast.
    I think Dad would have been fascinated by your history as well. He has always been an avid part-time military history and strategy enthusiast.
    All the best

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