So what can you expect in a sports, fitness or metabolic conditioning class?

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Okay so you want to know what to expect when you do one of our classes?
Well this video is all about our Conditioning classes. These are high intensity workouts designed to increase the bodies metabolic response, improving your fitness, strength, stamina lactic threshold and overall cardio vascular response  …. enjoy!!!Carly Steggles: As a personal trainer, I’ve learned loads from coming here, for my own training, and to be able to help my clients as well.
You never know what you’re gonna get. I mean, you can compete with yourself and the others whilst helping everyone else that’s in the gym.It’s a good support network as well a bit of friendly competition.
I like the conditioning sessions because if I was training on my own, I’d always automatically always go do cardio.
Conditioning always has a bit about it that makes me lift weights as well, which I’m bad about making myself do on my own.
So, coming to a conditioning session I get the bit that I like, the running, sprinting, and stuff, but it makes me do the things that I’m weaker at, which we all need to work on our weaknesses.

Johan Allard: Well, to me, the conditioning sessions; that’s the toughest session I will do.
I find it, yeah, really tough.

Gary Followill: It’s a good short, intense burst of exercise, which is really probably the best for the body instead of the long, dragged out, long run-type things.
I think you get much more benefits from the short intensity.
I think that conditioning is classic.

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