Stabilisation and Performance classes

Ladies and Gents on the Saturday 2nd of February, We are having a one off. All the morning classes 7am, 8am  are going to be looked after by Level 2 CHEK coach Graham Johnston.
Graham will take us through his techniques to stimulate our nervous system, improve our stability, improve our posture and make us stronger.
Do you want to get stronger? Have your big lifts plateaued? Do you suffer from posture issues? Do you have a weak core?
Who should attend?
Anybody who is looking to strengthen major lifts and olympic lifts.
Anybody who wants to strengthen their core.
Anybody with any posture issues
Anybody wishing to avoid gym injuries.
What can you expect?
A bloody challenging workout
New cutting edge techniques
Improved balance and stability
Express your interest in the comments section below.

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