The Performance Diamond: The secret to success in any adventure or event!

Hey guys, how you doing? It’s Joe, the bucket list coach here, I get asked by so many people, how do I train for an adventure or an event? I don’t know where to turn, there’s

just too much information. What do I do? I totally understand the amount of information out there in Google world or YouTube world is huge. But the trouble is, it’s not filtered. It’s not curated. How do you know if it works? And how do you know what order it works in what happens with people, if they start, they’re looking at one piece of information and then go to another place, and then they get another piece of information. And they start melding all these different parts from different websites, etc, together, and then one conflicts with another. And before they know it, they’re absolutely all over the place. So I’m going to do, I’m just going to tell you, not necessarily the right way. But I’m going to tell you the way that we do it, the way that we see results, time and time again, the same methodology that we’ve used to put people on podiums in events all across the world, in all kinds of different different disciplines, from skiing, to trail running to multi state races to paddling to get into the tops of mountains, whether it’s ice climbing, or seven or 8000 meter peaks. And this is what we call the performance diamond. And actually, it’s actually two separate triangles, we’ve got the binding triangle, and we’ve got the building triangle. Now, most people when they think of a program, the bit that they think about is the building triangle is the bit that’s on top, okay, it’s the exercise part. But the bit below, much like underneath of an iceberg, is the bit that you really need to be taking more notice of. And that’s the bit that holds it all together, which is why we call it the binding triangle. We’ve got nutrition, we’ve got eating appropriately for what we’re doing, and eating appropriately for the way that you need your energy systems to work, eating appropriately for where you’re at in your journey.

Next, we’ve got your recovery, are we using the appropriate protocols, or maximizing our recovery, because it’s in this section here, that all the good stuff happens that we get our training adaptations. And then lastly, we’ve got mindset. And that’s the mindset controls everything. You know, if you haven’t got your head, right, you’ve got nothing right. And then below that, then sorry, above that, then we’ve got the building triangle. The building triangle is where we believe it’s building a solid foundation, the bigger the foundation, the bigger that you can build on. And that foundation is built on strength and stamina. It’s our aerobic capacity combined with our strength and our endurance.

You can think of strength as the chassis of a car and the stamina or endurance as being the engine of the car. And only when we’ve built that strong chassis and enduring engine, are we ready to start building our work capacity, okay, which we keep up with the car terminologies is basically our turbo. Now the trouble is Nowadays, most of the programs that are out there, focus on that part, they focus on the turbo, because he gets quick hormonal changes that gets him really sweaty, and they feel like better about themselves, and their heaving mess lying on the floor thinking they’re great. Whereas in actual fact, if we do the other bits first build that foundation, we’re able to dig deeper when applying our turbo to get better results from it, and to be able to apply our turbo to compound and get further results for our stamina, which at the end of the day is what is an outdoor wilderness adventure athlete is our main goal.

So that’s our performance diamond. If you stick with that keep on working your way through these parts, then you’re on to a really really good base for getting to where you need to be.

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