The Three Types Of Eating Everyone Needs To Know

How you fueling yourself? How do you need to fuel yourself? Hi, Joe Bonington here, the bucket list coach,

I believe there are three types of eating and three types only.

One: eating support your training, Two: eating for your event, your expedition trip, adventure, competition. And three: eating for fun and entertainment.

And the three are very, very different. Eating to support your training, fueling yourself in the correct way for you. So that, one, you can be able to do what you do. Two be able to get consistent gains in your performance, your training, your recovery, and your repair. And then two: eating for your event, your expedition, trip, adventure, competition. And this is often very different from how you eat when you’re training.

Because you’re no longer trying to elicit a training response. You know, having that eye on the future, future gains. You’re wanting the fuel to maximize exactly what you need to be doing now, right now in this moment of time. And lastly, you’ve got eating for fun, or entertainment. Eating for enjoyment, or not, as this does include like things like emotional eating. Eating just because it feels good. Now some of those choices actually might be good, but you were eating them for that reason, you’re not eating them because of any physiological progress that you’re wishing to make. Because of that it includes doing stuff, you know that is not so good for you anyway, you know, like, think burgers, ice cream, pizza, alcohol etc.

Eating to support your training is how the vast majority of your year should look, you know, and that’s whether you’re training for lifestyle or training for an adventure or competition. When in training you eat to support the training response that you’re trying to elicit. This is where you’ll hear people like us say things like, you know, you’ve got to earn your carbs. Whereas when you’re on a trip or an expedition, we want your carbohydrate and calorie load, to be right up there to give you all the energy available for your new, newly upgraded physiology. And eating for fun and entertainment. Now that is a thorny question. It all depends on how important your goals are to you. How far away from your goal as far as your physiology and where that physiology needs to be in the time that you’ve got left before your goal, event, competition, adventure, expedition.

Now, I’m not saying have no fun, but there are times that you’re tossing a coin. And the more often you toss that coin, the more chance you’ve got of it impacting your overall goal. So every time you are looking at fun and entertainment, think is this something that is really needed. And sometimes you know, for mental health it really is.

Or is it something that’s going to lead me to straying off my path?

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