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Training for an Anzac Day Adventure

What are you doing this Anzac day?
This is how one of our adventurous souls at the Basecamp is spending their Anzac day. Hamish has spent months training for this adventure. Putting in the hard yards, the early mornings, the evening sessions, training on the water and in the gym, Surf Boat Rowing and lifting weights and working on his aerobic capacity and his conditioning.
Why? Because he wants to make sure that when he goes on his adventure, this experience of a lifetime, he is enjoying it, that he is fit enough to enjoy the experience he has spent all this time and effort working towards.
This is a great example of one of the many different and meaningful adventures we can send ourselves on.
In the words of Hamish Mattheson 39 years old, father of two, works in the City:

“I thought I would share one of life’s adventures that I have been training for over the last 3 months……Next Saturday I fly out to Istanbul and then jump on a ship to Gallipoli to commemorate 100 years since the landing of Australian and New Zealand troops on those rugged shores.
At an early age in school, Australian and New Zealand children learn about the sacrifice, at Gallipoli. However, from their parents, Turkish children learn of the martyrs who defended their land and their commander Colonel Mustafa Kemal well before school age.
At Gallipoli, other nations also made great sacrifices. For Australia and New Zealand, it was a defeat, the first taste of conflict where casualties were monumental. For Turkey, it was a battle that saved a very old nation with a grand military tradition, and produced the leader who would transform the nation into a modern republic.
I will be joining 300 rowers from around the world embarking on a Surfboat row from Morto Bay to the vicinity Fisherman’s Hut (approx 1 km north of the North Beach commemoration site) and return….. a distance of 60 km. The course runs right past every major landing point of the 1915 conflict.
I will then be rowing ashore at 4:30am on Anzac Day as one of 2 boats who will re-create the landing by IMG_5455Australian forces in 1915, as part of the Dawn Service in Canakkale.
It will be approximately 1C outside temperature and the water temp will be a balmy 12 degrees. (Might I add we will still be wearing our budgies!!) Through my training at Joe’s Basecamp I certainly have the mental toughness and the superior physical fitness required to complete this journey and enjoy the special significance such an opportunity brings….. Enjoy the vitality, great fitness and increased health that training at Joe”s Basecamp brings……it will give you the foundation to follow your dreams and embark on lifes adventures!”
Good Luck Hamish! and what an awesome adventure! Really looking forward to hearing your tales…. I think we might have to ask you to keep a diary.


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