War on the Beaches – A chance to vote for exercise and common sense

Voting for exercise for all and a purpose built Exercise and Circuit Station.
As many of you know, some in Sydney councils have taken up the money grabbing policy of charging people to get fit and healthy outdoors and banning them from exercising on the very beaches and in the parks they pay rates for. A very strange situation in these times of growing obesity and health problems.
One such council that adopted these policies was Manly under the leadership of Mayor Macdonald. Since then exercise groups have had to leave the area or dodge council rangers at the risk of a fine. The other alternative was to surrender, pay exhorbitant licensing fees and be restricted to very few areas within the council area.
The wind of change is in the air. Deputy Mayor Mark Norek, a long time member of our Sweat and Tears group is running for mayor. Mark understands the need for exercise in the community, a voting for Mark and his new management team on the 13th September is a vote for the following policies:
1. To repeal the current Personal Trainer and Group Exercise license system
2. To allow beaches and reserves throughout Manly to be available for all to exercise in, with possibly the exception of the South end of Manly beach. existing council laws on noise restrictions must be abided by.
3. A purpose built exercise park to be built in the Manly Lagoon Area
4. A register of insured personal trainers who work in the area, with nominal fees paid for administering the register.
Mark is the only candidate out there with an active policy on health and fitness in the community. Show your support so that we are no longer sneaking about, doing what is good for us.
Vote Group H for the New Management Team on Saturday 13th September

  • Sue Massey
    Posted at 06:01h, 10 September Reply

    Well said… Great information, keep up the great work!

  • joebonington
    Posted at 04:58h, 17 September Reply

    Mark did not get in as Mayor, but he got a great response with his vote up by 100% on the last election. As councillor he will still fight the good fight. So if you have any ideas of how we can improve Health and Fitness for Manly residents. let me know by leaving a post up here…. I may actually put it in a new blog.

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