Warringah Council stopping you exercising!!!

As seen in this mornings article in the Manly Daily, Joe is at loggerheads with Warringah council. Warringah Council has released their “Policy for the Use of Council Open Space by Commercial Fitness Groups and Personal Trainers”.
You can read his Manly Daily article in full here. Please take your time to add your comments. This is a new policy targeting the specific use of Open Space by commercial fitness groups and personal trainers and has been placed on public exhibition for 28 days, which is until Thursday 6th May.  You can download the proposed policy here.
The policy includes a number of concerns for Personal Trainers, those of us running group outdoor fitness sessions or one on one and most importantly  you, our clients. Some of these concerns are listed below:

  • Payment of an annual fee to Council of up to $2,200.
  • Exclusion zones including:

Picnic sheds and benches
– Any designated sport ground, facility or rock pool without an applicable booking
– Manly Warringah War Memorial Park (Manly Dam)
–  Public stairways & pathways. These can be transited but are not to be used for either static or repeated training routines.
Other restrictions include:

  • Council to decide the number, type of activities, group size and time & location of the activities.
  • Running in single file

Joe has sent a letter to Warringah Council regarding their proposal and has also sent letters to the Manly Daily, Michael Baird MP and Tony Abbott MP. Please read Joe’s letter to Council here as it addresses each point. Press on the following link:  letter-regarding-council-policy-headed1.
We at Joe Bonington, urge you to write  your own letter stating your personal circumstances and beliefs around the proposal, showing your support for the future of those of us providing a vital community service to people seeking to improve their health and fitness. If you live in Any of the affected areas you should write to:
1. Your MP , Wakehurst, Manly, Pittwater and Davidson if you are a rate payer in those areas, as Warringah crosses all those boundaries.
The same if you train or are trained outdoors in any of those areas
The Manly and Wakehurst areas are the ones that affect our outdoor programs.
2. Warringah Council – a hard copy is preferable to an email, but failing that an email is better than nothing. This has to be in by the 6th May. Please make it attention of the Mayor.
3. The Manly Daily

in full or add your comments to this mornings article here.
To see a map of Warringah and the beaches and reserves affected Map_of_Warringah.
If you know anybody else affected by this please forward this link. We must move fast and if we don’t get a ground swell of support we will end up like many other council areas.
Many of you who recieve this newsletter live in other areas and other countries but this could concern you so do please take time to at least leave comments and thoughts with the Manly Daily
Thanks for all your support
Joe and the team

  • Lesley Michaels
    Posted at 04:38h, 23 April Reply

    How sad to see that in the age of obesity and unhealthy lifestyles the government can’t give you some help on this. They should not allow this to happen when they keep on about trying to get more people to live a healthier life!
    I am in the UK and we have a similar regulation but I have managed to ignore it so far as there doesn’t seem to be too much follow up. When I trained as a PT out tutors mentioned about outdoor training and getting permission from the parks but so far I have not been approached or have any idea how I would go about it. I am pleading ignorance until challenged further.
    I wish you luck with your fight.
    My friend is joining you on your Trek in May so I hope you work him very hard. His name is Krys and I am sure you will not forget him once you meet him.

  • Nick
    Posted at 17:41h, 28 April Reply

    It is the same everywhere, councils making it hard to exercise in groups, only making more people overweight and unhappy

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