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We want you! Participate in our Halo Trial!

You may have seen Joe walking around the gym with some interesting head wear on recently. They aren’t his new Dr Dre Beats… he has been getting a head start on Halo Headwear in preparation for an exciting trial that is exclusive to Joe’s Basecamp members, thanks to Elysium High Performance.

So what is the Halo Study and how can you be involved?

The Halo Study in a nutshell

Research in the field of neuroscience has continuously validated the crucial role of neural drive and repetition in strength training. The literature repeatedly points to three fundamental conclusions that all athletes need to be aware of:

  1. Athletes naturally train their brains during a workout. However, athletes who fail to focus specifically on neurological training while working out are limiting their athletic potential.
  2. By focusing on neurological training during a workout, athletes can unlock their true athletic potential at an accelerated rate.
  3. When combined with strength training, neurological training comes with the additional benefit of “cross-education” – ie training the brain to more effectively strengthen one muscle group indirectly strengthens contralateral muscle groups.

Athletes naturally strengthen neuromuscular circuitry through the act of working out. However, if athletes only train their body and don’t target the brain specifically, the brain does not activate muscles to their full capacity. This means that even the most elite, skilled athletes have room to improve, regardless of their strength training program.

That’s where the Halo Sport comes in. All the international research to date suggests that the Halo improves performance gains and skill acquisition by 5-12%… BUT…. All the research to date is conducted by Halo. You can see the bias right there.

As a collaborative team between Australian Catholic University, ElysiumHP and JBC, we are investigating – in a non-biased way – whether or not Halo is the real-deal. If it works?! The possibilities for training and performance are endless. If it doesn’t?! Then we’ll know not to include in our programmes.

Halo is used a lot by professional athletes internationally but it hasn’t yet taken off in Australia. So this is your opportunity to be involved in something that could be leading edge technology…

Why on earth should you participate?

  • Do you want to be at the forefront of exercise physiology + technology, combined with your usual training program?
  • Do you want to see between 5-12% gains in your training?
  • Do you want to be part of the ONLY study in Australia to use this tech?
  • Do you want to be one of the few Australians who has access to this program and gear?

What do you need to do?

  • You must be available to attend the S&C classes (or follow the programming in your own time) 3 x per week from 19 November to 17 December, and use the Halo. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to use it. There will be 4 head sets available per class, so it will be a case of first in best dressed.
  • You must be interested in performance and training gains
  • You must be relatively healthy
  • You must fill in a brief questionnaire at the end of each session. Should take approx. 30 seconds.
  • And you must be patient enough to give the slackline a go…..

There are only a limited number of spots – and first in best dressed. Don’t miss out on your chance to be involved!

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