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Weighing up the toll of Christmas… Girth measurements and Dexa scans

Guys and girls
First blog post for 2014!!!! Yayy!
You’ve all had a great Xmas break. Now before we get to far into the year lets take stock of where we are at:
DEXA scan or Girth Measurements
If you want truly accurate body composition data use a DEXA Scan. We thoroughly recommend them as our preferred form of measurement.
DEXA (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry), measures %body fat and divides the body into three compartments: fat mass, bone mass, and lean mass. In addition, the DEXA method determines %fat, fat mass, bone mass and lean mass separately for the arms, trunk, and legs.
The cheapest place to get DEXA scans done locally is PRP Imaging Mona Vale
I believe it’s $50 for trainers and $70 for others, if you want a consultation as well its more
If that’s not convenient you can get scans done in the city at Measure Up for $85

If you that doesn’t work for you, you need to weigh and measure:
1. Weigh yourselves. If you don’t have scales at home use ours
2. Take girth measurements
all you need is a normal tape measure
Take all measurements down your right side for limb measurements. Lets start at the top.
Right Bicep – flex bicep put tape measure around largest part
Chest – straight across the nipple line
Female waist – narrowest point between ribs and hips
Umbilical waist (male and female) – straight across belly button
Hips – across middle of the bum
Right Thigh – at top of inner leg just below where the thigh joins the crotch
Always make sure the tape measure is level
Don’t suck your tummy in 🙂
Record these somewhere you won’t lose them. re address them regularly. Don’t worry about fluctuations, One week you might get the tape measure an inch out of place from where you had it last time.
Look at the trend. Girth measurements aren’t the most accurate by a long way… just the easiest.
How ever you do your body composition measurements, just do them and take a Selfie as well. You in your undies. This never has to be seen by anyone. But is  a great way to track how the changes are. I hear so many people, who make great changes and wish they had taken before shots. I think at the time when we are motivated to start training, some of us are embarrassed or ashamed so we don’t want to take the photo but once we’ve made these great changes and are in a different frame of mind, we really wish we had. So just put your misgivings aside…… and take the bloody selfie.
Looking forward to a great year of hitting our goals, being the best we can be and having some adventures and fun along the way!

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