Welcome to September and news from Joe Bonington

Summer is on it’s way. Not much time left to shake off the winter tire.
Things have been busy on the Bonington Front and we have lots of news for youThe  TrekFit program is up and running first takers have been a bunch of guys going to Kokoda next year. Bonington Treks has been launched, so that we can all get to challenge ourselves by going to amazing places and a new Sweat and Tears group fitness program just started on the Northern Beaches (if you want to join in we still have a couple of places available).

Our Growing Fitness Team

To accomodate the growth in the business and to make it easier to service you, we have a couple of new additions to the Joe Bonington team:

Michelle Bell – Customer Service and Office Management

Firstly let me welcome on board Michelle Bell. Michelle is helping make our customer service smoother by helping Jude with the office management. Looking after your needs and queries. Michelle is also a glutton for punishment, she has been a one on one client of mine for the past five years.

Paul Walton – Personal Trainer

The other new addition is Paul Walton. Paul is a Personal Trainer, he has a solid base of credentials including a degree in exercise science. Paul will be available for one on ones on the Northern Beaches and in the Sydney city at George Street Platinum. He will also be looking after some groups sessions both on the beaches and in the city.
Paul is very a knowledgeable and motivating  trainer and will be charging out at very competitive rates. contact us for more details about Pauls services.

Bonington Treks and Expeditions

Lastly Bonington Treks. We can’t believe how well this has taken off.

Treks to Everest Base Camp

  • April 2009 trek to Everest Base Camp with Sir Chris Bonington – due to concellation, two places still available.
  • November 2009 trek to Everest Base Camp is half full. If you wish to book a place contact us
  • April 2010 trek to Everest Base Camp – We are now also offering places for another trip to Everest Base Camp in April 2010. For more details or to book your place contact us.

Trek to Annapurna, Himalayas

There will also be a trip to Annapurna with Sir Chris Bonington, we have yet to finalize details of this trip but it will be very limited places. If you wish to put your name down early contact us.
If you have any ideas for an adventure somewhere and would like us to help organize it, please contact us

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