What Are You Learning?

Why do we have more disposable income than ever, and yet are so unhappy, physically unfit and unfulfilled. So many people my age are looking for something more. They’re unfulfilled with their training. And to be honest, it feels stale. They’re looking for something else. Hi, I’m Joe Bonington. Some people know me as the bucket list coach. Now I’ve been a strength and performance coach specializing in wilderness activities and a trek leader in my own right for the last 20 years, we run training programs to get people fit for trails, treks, the wilderness, adventures challenges, and life. Now, why train for an adventure or mountain based challenge? You know, that could be anything from trail running, mountaineering, back country skiing, trekking, anything like that. We want people training hard, and then getting outdoors tearing chunks out of life, not just tearing chunks out of their careers. When we train for things like this rather than just in the gym, getting fitter, we get multiple benefits, we get fitter like above, we improve our health and our productivity and our mood, etc. But we also get the end result achievement, we get that pat on the back, we get to see nature at its finest and most wondrous, and sometimes it’s most awe inspiring, and sometimes even scary, but still awe inspiring. We learn about ourselves. And it isn’t learn as we summit and we cross the finishing line, it’s we learn on the journey, and that journey starts as soon as you commit. These are the things that we can learn:

Discipline, you know, showing up doing the hard stuff.

Self reliance, you must rely on yourself to motivate yourself and do the work.

Ownership Own your results every day.

Accountability, be accountable to yourself, but also to people who help you on your journey.

Authenticity. There’s no room for bullshit

Endurance or to endure that’s to be able to stay the course

Appreciation and gratitude for self, others and the environment. You know, so much room on this journey.

Capability, increase your capabilities, what you can do, what you can achieve

Confidence, your self worth.

Communication, not just with others, but with yourself.

And awareness, awareness of self awareness of others and awareness of the environment

and teamwork, well that gets taken back into every aspect of life because life is not a solo sport.

And if we take those lessons, and we let them sink and leach to all other aspects of our life, it returns the teachings with a gift and that gift is fulfillment. But you need to look for the learning you need to facilitate the growth and change as you go. So if you are stale and lost and want to train for something bigger, more worthwhile, even if you don’t know what that is we can help. So what are you training for? Leave a comment below.

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