What are your Core Values?

What makes you happy at home, work and social situations? By identifying our Core Values, we can identify what makes us feel fulfilled. Try this exercise to help you determine your core values, so you can maximise your satisfaction with whatever you do.
1. Values you hold dear
List 5 or 6 values that you hold dear. These are not for sale. What in life is important to you (beer or shoes don’t count!)?
For example: honesty, nurturing, caring, giving, wonder, wealth, honour, abundance, loving, courage, laughter, service, compassion, nobility, cleanliness, success etc.
2. Values you had as a child
List 5 or 6 values you had as a child. Sitting quietly, go back to the age of discovery somewhere between the age of 5 and 12. Be yourself again, see what you saw, hear what you heard and feel what you felt. What was important to you as a child?
3. Characteristics or values of people you admire
Now list 5 or 6 characteristics or values of people you admire past or present. What was it about them that you admired?
4. Create your core values list
Review each of the 3 lists. Do some values appear on more than one? Create a new list, putting these at the top. With the rest just cull down the list until you have a total of 5 or 6 core values.
These are your core values. Some may change over a long period of time (with age some of our values do tend to change not all).
Live by these values
Run these values as a filter against all you do ie; a new job, a relationship, a project. If your core values do not get a look-in, alarm bells should be ringing as to how much happiness and satisfaction will be gained.
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