Your Best Year Yet? A goal setting guide to an incredible year!

Every January, I and my family sit down and plan our year, our goals and our dreams!
I still find it amazing that people will spend months planning a kitchen or a holiday but not take the process of planning across all areas  their lives.

How can you control the direction of your life, if you don’t plan your route?
I’ve been goal setting for years and am continually tweaking the process. This year, I’m using a technique by Jinny S Ditzler from her book – “Your Best Year Yet!: Ten Questions for Making the Next Twelve Months Your Most Successful Ever”.
I was introduced to this process by a good friend of mine and business marketing coach Howard Tinker
What is really great about it, is it is one of the few processes that is reflective, you look at the year just gone, your wins and losses and what you took and learnt from those experiences before moving your eye to the future.
Firstly sit down with your partner or family and set goals across all areas:
Part 1.
What were my accomplishments (not necessarily “goals”) this year?
– look at several areas Home, Career or business, Education and personal growth, Family, Friends, Holiday/Recreation and fun stuff, Health and Fitness , Love and Romance

What were my biggest disappointments?
– again look at several key areas
What did I learn from each? (How was I “responsible”)
How do I stop or limit myself? (How do I explain my failures?)
What is my limiting paradigm? (Assumptions about yourself and life)?
What is my antidote to that?… Think of a time when your actions or results showed that assumption or paradigm is false?
Part 2.
What do you want to accomplish next year? Again look at all the areas mentioned above
What is your limiting paradigm? (Assumptions about yourself and life)
What is your antidote?
Part 3.
What do you need to do?
• What & whose support do you need?
• What is the time-frame?
• What are the milestones?
• What’s your first step?
Keep this plan somewhere where you can access it easily, and make sure you review it regularly and feel free to keep tweaking it through the year.
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Cheers and here is to a highly successful and motivated 2013
All the best

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