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Meet Kate Gunby, Coast to Coast Adventurer.

Who are you? Kate Gunby
How old are you? 42
What are you passionate about? Holidays, my cats, not screwing over the planet
Why Joe’s Basecamp? Originally because it was just round the corner from me. I joined as I needed to improve my fitness for a grand canyon kayak trip. I’d written gyms off and honestly didn’t really expect to stay after the trip, but Joes was different. I’ve been coming ever since.
How long have you been training with Joe and /or Joe’s Basecamp? Coming up to 3 years

What are you training for? Still thinking it through after the coast to coast. Maybe the Gloucester mountain man, maybe the Hawksbury Classic. Suggestions welcome, I need something new after the coast to coast.
If you could live anywhere where would it be? I’d be travelling the world. I’ve got the first 3 years mapped out with a mix of kayaking, ski-ing, diving and biking. Mainly places with mountains and a few visits to the sea for some dive trips. Just waiting for that lottery win.
What are you reading? Hhmm, I’ve just started a PhD so not sure I’ll be reading anything for relaxation for a while. This week’s topic was Artificial Intelligence and the impact on consumer behaviour. Scary stuff – makes me want to escape to the mountains and get off the grid.
What do you watch? Lots of rubbish imported from the UK
What are you listening to? A playlist created about 6 years ago. Just have it on repeat in the Van. I’m not very up to date.
What’s your vice? Beer – so Joe tells me!
If you could have dinner with anybody who would it be? Ansel Adams, David Attenborough,
Tell us a secret? Don’t think I have any. Although I do have a holiday planning spreadsheet that I keep secret from my Husband. He caught a glimpse once and got a bit freaked out.
What have been the benefits of training at Joe’s Basecamp? I’m stronger for sure. It’s fun so it makes it easy to come every morning, which I’ve found is a great start to the day when things get crazy at work.
What is the key to happiness? To me getting out on adventures as much as possible. But that’s a mix of challenge, achievement, focus, being with awesome people.
What is your next goal? At the gym to keep getting stronger. Just started studying and set up my own business so my goals are more work related for this year.

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