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Meet Pippa Lyon – endurance cyclist facing one of the toughest endurance races in Europe!

Getting outdoors and pursuing adventures isn’t all about climbing mountains and standing atop snow-capped peaks… we also support a number of keen mountain bike riders in their quests to explore the wilderness on two wheels rather than two feet!
This is Pippa Lyon​, who joined us in February of this year. She wanted to join a gym of like-minded people who understand why people like herself take on the challenges that they do, and train for fitness goals rather than worrying about whether her ‘bikini body’ was ready for summer. “I was attracted to the ethos, the facility and the opportunities that Joe’s Basecamp offered” she says, “especially Joe’s expertise in mountaineering and adventures in general!”
Pippa was recently asked to join The Veleroos in The Race Around Ireland – a non-stop 2,200km road cycling race that has 23,000m of climbing, complicated navigation and plenty of wind, rain and strenuous conditions that make it one of the toughest endurance challenges in Europe! Alongside her three teammates, Pippa will be part of the first Australian team to enter this incredible race, aiming to win the female category! “The Veleroos are a team of non-professional female endurance cyclists, passionate about riding bikes and pushing the boundaries of what you can achieve if you let go of your fears, step outside of your comfort zone, and dedicate yourself to your goal” she says.
Previously, Pippa has completed the 235km 3 Peaks Challenge in Falls Creek, which was a huge achievement given it was one of the first endurance events she had undertaken At the time she was unsure she’d be able to finish it, but she put her fears aside and pushed through right until the very end! No pain, no gain… right?! She is really proud of the progress she has since made in mountain biking and how she has overcome her fears to be able to race competitively in this discipline.
We are really happy to see that Pippa is feeling strong and focused in the lead up to her massive Race Around Ireland event. “I really like knowing that Joe has thought about the programming and all I need to do is turn up, do what I’m told and I’ll get results!” she says. “I also feel that I have a lot of support from Joe, other members and other trainers, especially Max Trevisan​ who has given me some great tips about recovery.”
Taking on adventures with her husband and having someone to share her massive achievements with is what keeps Pippa happy. “That feeling you get when you commit to and work hard to achieve something that initially seemed unattainable is amazing! Being scared that you won’t be able to do something or that you’ve taken on too much is the perfect motivation to get out of bed and train for it.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Pippa!

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