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Pasture Fed Meat Delivered to Your Door

A friend of mine, Howard recently put me in contact with Craig Macindoe, Head Chef and owner of Mumu grill….. and how glad am I that he did.
MuMu grill is a steakhouse based in Crows Nest that is the only steakhouse to use only 100% grass fed beef as wellas all other ingredients being either organic or sustainably farmed….. right up my strasser or what!
I’m not sure if many of you realize just what a difference grass fed beef makes. Did you know that compared with grain-fed meat, meat from grass-fed beef has less total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories? It also has more Vitamin E, beta-carotene, Vitamin C, and a number of health-promoting fats, including omega-3 fatty acids… more than farmed Salmon!
Now not only does Craig run his awesome steakhouse but he has started a meat delivery service, delivering top quality cuts of meat to your door and supplying fantastic recipes to go with them

After waxing lyrical about all things carnivorous together one afternoon a fortnight a go, Craig offered to send us a box to sample. It was awesome. It arrived on a Friday. Henry and I decided to take one for the team and try out the MuMu BBQ sauce with the slow cooked BBQ beef ribs and the grass fed chopped steak hamburgers. Wow! The ribs melt in the mouth, covered in a top quality zesty and tangy BBQ Sauce. As for the burgers, these are designed to be cooked medium rare just like a steak…. don’t be a philistine and overcook them…. they don’t deserve it. IMG_9427
The next day was my Mother in law, Beths birthday. For this I’d saved the Organic Chook and the piece de resistance, the standing rib roast. The Rib Roast I devilled with a mustard based marinade. As for the chicken I did it twice cooked, I split it into 8 traditional cuts. Poached it, I then covered in a jerk sauce and Chargrilled on the BBQ.
Both were a massive hit. tender, succulent and after feeding 5 adults and 4 kids still enough left over for me to have some cold roast beef the next day (always a winner)
The next day back at work I also got to use the free range ham for my ham salad lunch.IMG_9720
The box was such high quality and quantity, we decided to come up with a little deal.
We are very very proud to announce that Mumu Grill are the most favored purveyors of quality cow to our JGG happy little carnivores. Craig has even done up a special box named after the Garage!!! How good is that!
If you go to the MuMu grill Meat Box Shop scroll down to the bottom and you will now see two boxes, Craigs normal box and a JGG Muscle Meats Box. If you order either box put JGG in as the promo code and you will also get an awesome voucher for the Mumu grill. Guys and girls jump on it now, it really is worth it. Each box is about 5Kg and as mentioned before of the highest quality meats.
You don’t have to be a current member to take advantage of the offer.
We’d also like to know who’d be keen for a Mumu cooking class at the Garage one weekend!
Joe Bonington
(Head Carnivore!)

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