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My Promise To You: Fitness, Adventure, Inspiration! More than a Gym

Why do we do, what we do? What is it all about? How does it work? What motivates us at Joe’s Basecamp?
What are the promises made by an  Adventure focused, bucket list gym.

Our Why?

We want people To get out there and get amongst it; to live large and tear chunks out of life. We know given the right stimulus people will push boundaries and appreciate themselves and their capabilities more. We believe that giving people confidence in themselves they will get out there and explore. We believe that this will broaden their horizons and they will appreciate their  neighbours and also appreciate this amazing and beautiful world we live in.

Our What?

Ours is a world in which we enable ordinary people to achieve extraordinary thingsProviding the inspiration, the training and the opportunity for you to live a fitter, fuller and more adventurous life.Be Strong

Our How?

By living by our values we promise you…
We promise to INSPIRE change, growth, fitness and adventure
We promise to LEAD through expertise and knowledge.
We promise to CARE for the community, our family and friends, our team, the JBC Crew who make up our members, we promise to care for our neighbors, the environments we love and the world in general.
We promise to set an example by LIVING WITH PASSION AND ENERGY through fitness, through coaching, through ideas, through business,
through contribution to the community.
We promise to GROW as people, constantly learning and evolving.
We certainly promise to Live Large:  To tear chunks out of life, to get out there and live a full, fun filled life and encourage all we come across to do the same.
Explore!And we promise to BE ADVENTUROUS, encouraging the principles and benefits of living a more active and adventurous life with all our clients, our friends, our families.
You see, Joe’s Basecamp is about changing peoples lives by taking people on
a journey, a journey that will make them more robust and resilient, it’s about people believing  in themselves by challenging themselves.
It is a bloody great support network and a community of like minded people.

In a nutshell what tends to happen is:

You either turn up with your own goal, or Sit down with me and we can work out a great goal for you or just come in and get started  and if you hang around long  enough you’ll be inspired by someone else’s goal.
Providing the plan and training for those people who come with an adventure/event goal in place or  we provide a complete pathway including events and adventures for those who don’t know where to start.

Basecamp girls workingOur  Northern Beaches gym in Brookvale is the home to a unique functional fitness,strength and conditioning, and endurance training program specializing in, Trek Training, Mountaineering Trail and ultra running and Endurance Training Programs for all outdoor, adventure sports and Wilderness activities.

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