Joe's Garage Gymnasium, we have FAQ and temporary website up and running

Joe’s Garage ( ) our new gym and fitness centre is coming along nicely. Painting is done, new kitchen goes in next and then the flooring, the after that it’s all the bits and pieces designed to make you work, sweat and turn your legs to jelly :-). Here are a few picture of the place so far (doesn’t look like a gym yet…. but it does in my mind!):

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I know everybody has been asking for more information. How will it work? (This is not like other gyms), what are the fitness class times? etc. So whilst the new Joe’s Garage gym website is being built we’ve put up a simple page with all the FAQ’s you need.
If you do think that we’ve missed out a glaringly obvious question please let us know.
All of the twenty five $29 special deals went very quickly but it’s okay we still have $100 deals for 1 months training in February so that you can come down and try our group personal training sessions as often as you like.
This is a limited members club and we are capping membership at 100, so please if you want to come and try us out let us know asap as we only have 40 spaces left for February. It is absolutely NO obligation. So that if you don’t totally love our workouts and sessions you are free to leave at any time…. and at $100 for the whole of our launch month…. that is a great deal. You can get more information at the Joe’s Garage website
For those of you that have signed up already…. as much as we’d like to take payment unfortunately we can’t until the new website and booking system are up… so sit tight, we know who you are and your place is reserved. There is a sign up space on the new page, so that you can be notified as soon as the new system is up.
Anyway have a look at the info about the garage and how it works, what great results we can get for you and how we can help you start off the new year right.

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