10 tips to help you be a better healthier and fitter you this year…

We’ve all done resolutions and not stuck to them. We’ve all come back from the silly season, disappointed at how much we had let our selves go. We’ve all let a blow out at Christmas stretch into the new year.
What can we do this year to get and stay on track?
1. Plan
Like the saying goes ” Fail to plan, plan to fail”
Sit down preferably with your nearest and dearest and make a healthy living plan of attack for the year. Get out the whiteboard or the butchers paper and brain storm, everything you want to achieve, everything that has sabotaged you in the past and as many solutions to those problems as you can. Add in rewards for achieving goals. Keep your plan somewhere where you can see it.
2. Go through the Larder
Don’t just say I’ll start when I’ve finished this bad stuff off. Get rid of it. There are loads of charities that will take it off your hands. Get the crap out of the house. Give now has a list of charities that accept food donations. If it’s not the kind of thing you can donate… give it to a mate.
3. Time for your self
Your alot more likely to succeed with your goals if you focus on them. Spend 5-10 minutes everyday sitting quietly and focusing on what you want. Be careful not to get trapped into focusing on what you don’t want. Picture what it is you actually want to achieve.
Visualization is a proven method used by athletes all over the world to achieve great things. If it’s good enough to win gold medals it’s good enough for you!
4. Get support
Life isn’t a solo event, it’s a team sport. Get as much information and support as you possibly can. You can get extra nutritional info from our natural eating plan website. Get a trainer, join a group, join a gym, train with some buddies, just make sure you are able to be held accountable to somebody. If you want heaps of support come and join us at our new space Joe’s Garage
5. Give yourself a break
If you do go off track…. chill! Don’t beat yourself up or throw in the towel. Just move on and get back on track…. easy!! Look at why you went off track in a positive way. What can you do to avoid that situation again, what will you do? but in a positive way. Ask yourself how this behavior serves me and you will be given an answer.
6. Don’t focus on diet, focus on eating
Focus on your food, enjoy only good quality produce, prepared well. Quality not quantity!
7. Strength train
All studies show that strength training is the most effective way to help with fat loss for men or women.
8. Mix up your cardio
Okay you cardio junkies out there. Do some short intense interval sessions. Short hill sprints, sand sprints etc. I’m not saying don’t do your big, long runs I’m just saying mix it up
9. Learn a new sport/activity
Learn something new. This benefits and stimulates us on a number of levels. Keeps the brain working, helps with motor patterns, stimulates all our senses and improves our self confidence, self esteem and happiness in general. We were born to learn. If we are not learning we are going backwards. get out there take up paddle boarding, beach volley ball, a martial art, swimming, a team sport, what ever.
10. Laugh!
Watch more comedy. Laughing improves all aspects of your well being and health. Go to comedy clubs, watch comedy on TV, read the funnies.
Have a great 2012

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